Crew Baseball plays tournament level ball, as well as Pony League and Babe Ruth.  The number of games played varies across the age groups, and players are expected to be present for all scheduled events.


Your child is required to attend tryouts if they wish to be considered for a team.  Crew teams will be formed based solely on tryout performance whenever possible.  However, Crew Baseball reserves the right to consider additional information and/or to schedule makeup tryout sessions to accommodate unique circumstances, including but not limited to: injury, sickness, a family emergency, or other factors to determine team selection.


Please note that your child will not be allowed to play in any tournaments or in league play unless their fees are paid in full prior to the first game of the season, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

Players fees include, but are not limited to:

  • League & Umpire fees
  • Coaches fees
  • Tournament costs
  • Uniforms/bags/baseballs
  • Practice facility baseballs

Note: Player fees will vary year to year and by age group.  



Selection and playing criteria include, but is not limited to the following:

Baseball Talent and Ability


League and age rules.


Willingness to learn and improve.


Supports teammates, opponents, coaches, respectful of parents.


Disregard for current or past practices, tryout sessions will be considered.


Players and families must be willing to commit to a full spring and summer schedule.  While we understand that special circumstances may arise, the team must be able to rely on consistent presence at games and practices.


Crew coaches may pick a player based on ability for playing a certain position or with a certain skill set.


Must be willing to be supportive of coaches and the program.

Note: Crew coaches also reserve the right to move players to across teams as well as to different positions based on team needs and availability.



Parents are asked to be supportive of your player and your coaches.  Part of being supportive is trusting that Crew Coaches are making decisions that are best for the team.  Please leave coaching decisions up to the Crew Coaches.  At Crew Baseball we encourage communication!  If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your coach.  We ask, however, that you please wait 24 hours before addressing your coach, when out of anger or frustration.  We call this the 24 Hour Rule.  We also ask that you never address your Crew Coach with program or playing concerns in the presence of your child.


Crew Baseball is a large, multi-team organization.  While we try hard to keep all players and youth updated on pertinent information, it is imperative that you check the following:

Facebook Page

Is updated on a regular (often daily) basis, and includes posts regarding practices, upcoming games and camps.


Bi-weekly updates are posted on our Crew website including schedule changes or the season and tournaments.

Text Messages

Coaches text parents  to provide tournament and practice updates and therefore need a valid cell phone number. ​

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