Crew Mission & Values


To provide opportunities and exposure while competing at the highest level, instilling discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and honesty.


Every player comes to Crew with their own style, but at the core of every good player are sound fundamentals. At Crew we are focused on teaching correct baseball skills and fundamentals, and commit significant practice time towards continually building the basics.


While players all enjoy winning, it is most important to play with strong sportsmanship. At Crew, we seek to teach players to display integrity, honor, and respect both on the field and within the community.

Knowledge and love of the game

Good ball players are smart ball players. Crew coaches teach players the overall strategy of baseball, how to make good decisions on the field and how to prepare mentally for the game.

Team focus: A team is only successful when each member puts the needs of the team first. Crew coaches consistently teach the value of healthy teams throughout practice and on the field.

Physical Conditioning

High-level players are those that are in good physical condition. Crew coaches incorporate age-specific fitness training, as well as baseball-specific speed and agility training into our practices.


As a member of Crew, we hold our players and Coaches to a strict code of conduct to not only develop players on the field, but members of our local communities. We believe that by adhering to these guidelines our team will provide your player with the best environment available for competitive sports while instilling life-long traits to assist that player to succeed in every aspect of their future endeavors.

Crew Players Will:

  • Spend time every day practicing baseball
  • Always give your best efforts
  • Always show respect to coaches, parents and other players
  • Come to the practice facility and ball field ready-to-play
  • Always be alert on the field, at bat and in the dugout
  • Always run to fielding positions, to dugout and first base
  • Never criticize a teammate
  • Never argue with coaches
  • Never argue with an umpire's call
  • Never harass players from other teams
  • Represent the Crew Baseball Club well in your school and community​

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